GICC Round 14 – Senior Teams

Written by: Scott Rojko

All the best to everyone selected to represent the GI this weekend and to those who will finish their season this week make sure you enjoy every moment out in the middle.

Congratulations to our three STARS this week who will play milestone games. Phil Mather, Matt Ciardulli and Nick Jamieson have been huge contributors to our season this year and will play central roles in Round 14 and into the finals.

Register for the MVP on Saturday night at Raven via TeamApp to celebrate the best performances of the year and hear from our Captains on the days play.

1st XI Wright Shield vs Edinburgh @ Away
1 Krish Paulpillai
2 Lucas Skelton
3 Nathan Boucher
4 Tom McDermott ©
5 Buddihka Sandaruwan
6 Brett Gatehouse
7 Lachie Ferguson
8 Joel Liddle
9 Scott Gatehouse
10 Andrew Stolzenburg
11 Nick Jamieson

2nd XI Thomson Shield (C TURF) vs Mont Albert @ Raven
1 James Buck
2 Mitch O’Donnell
3 Ro Wight
4 Matt Sofoulis
5 Viv Buckley ©
6 Will McCormack
7 Dean Tuckey
8 Michael Kinsella
9 Andrew Howell
10 Ryan Rezel
11 Scott Rojko

3rd XI Merrell Shield (D Synthetic) vs Toorak Prahran @ Alma Park
1 Matt Ciardulli ©
2 Toby Tribe
3 Hamish Heath
4 Cooper Rojko
5 Tom Groom
6 Luke Gatehouse
7 Ben De Koning
8 Daniel Perree
9 Will Trewella
10 Fred Parry
11 Ben Curnow

4th XI E Synthetic vs Glen Waverley (Sunday) @ Howard Dawson Reserve
1 Jim Parry
2 Jamie Gough
3 Justin Hendy
4 Alex Mather
5 David Brown
6 Phil Mather
7 Jono Wilson
8 Hayden Joyce
9 Marko Dordevic ©
10 Harsha Guneratne
11 Will Cameron

5th XI LOC2 vs Monash @ Warner Reserve
1 Scott Rankin
2 Shane Kelly
3 Adam Lane
4 Mark Kump
5 Simon Dumaresq
6 David Long
7 Michael Ventura
8 Jason Hoskins
9 Greg Mathers
10 Ethan Rocke
11 David Grunig

CSB CSB Sunday Turf vs Oakleigh @ Oakleigh
1 Harry Mulchay
2 Andrew Ward
3 Jackson Ward
4 Paul Connors
5 Charlie Connors
6 Chris Ackerman
7 Josh Willmott
8 Shane Yole
9 Joel Tyquin
10 Benji McDonnell
11 Lucis Yole
12 Darcy Ferguson


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