GICC Round 1 Senior Teams

Written by: Scott Rojko

Hi GI’s

Our coaches and captains are thrilled to announce the Round 1 Senior teams which include a host of new and returning players to the club.

The players have made the most of our limited pre season and well prepared to battle it out this weekend.

All the best to every GI taking the field along with our loyal band of supporters, team managers, coaches, scorers and CV safety officers!.

1st XI Wright Shield vs Donvale (Away)
1 Tom McDermott ©
2 Lucas Skelton
3 Brett Gatehouse (100 games for GICC)
4 Andrew Grubich
5 Lachie Ferguson
6 Nick Jameison
7 Dean Tuckey
8 Joel Liddle (Debut 1st XI Player No. 115)
9 Buddihka Sandawuran
10 Scott Gatehouse
11 Andrew Stolzenberg

2nd XI Thomson Shield vs Donvale (Raven)
1 Krish Paulpillai ©
2 Mitch Horn
3 Mitch O’Donnell
4 Andrew Howell (GI Debut)
5 James Buck (GI Debut)
6 Ben De Koning
7 Hamish Heath
8 Fred Parry
9 Luke Gatehouse
10 Matt Sofoulis
11 Ryan Rezel (GI Debut)

3rd XI Merrell Shield (D Synthetic) vs Blackburn (Terrarra Park)
1 Matt Ciardulli ©
2 Joel Tyquin
3 Scott Rojko
4 Cooper Rojko
5 Will McCormack
6 Toby Tribe
7 Dan Perree
8 Luke Lourey
9 Oscar Mason
10 Shane Kelly
11 James Howell (GI Debut)

4th XI E Synthetic vs Clifton Hill @ Home (Howard Dawson)
1 Marko Dordevic ©
2 Jono Wilson
3 Justin Hendy
4 Alex Mather
5 Jim Parry
6 Phil Mather
7 Hayden Joyce
8 Zaheer Qasi
9 Darcy Ferguson
10 Harsha Gunaratne
11 Ethan Rocke

5th XI LOC2 vs East Doncaster @ Home (Warner Reserve)
1 Simon Hogan
2 Jason Hoskins
3 Adam Lane
4 Scott Rankin ©
5 Dan Hogan
6 Ben Curnow
7 Sanket Desai
8 Sultan Kirby
9 Peter Mulcahy
10 Michael Ventura
11 Peter Everett

CSB (Sunday Turf) vs Chelsea @ Bonbeach Sports Reserve
1 Paul Connors ©
2 Jackson Ward
3 Josh Willmott
4 Charlie Connors
5 Joel Cowell
6 Harry Mulcahy
7 Nick Gieschen
8 Chris Ackerman
9 George Pick
10 Ferg Pick
11 Benny Mac
12 Nick Butler


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